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Guide to Test a Car Spark Plug

Spark plugs are vital components of the car’s system. When a car’s engine slows down in its performance, it is a clear indication that the plug has become faulty. This means that the plugs are worn out. Before the worn out plugs are replaced, the manufacturer’s description they should be checked first. That description gives the exact specifications of the original car spark plug and also suggesting alternative ones if the original ones cannot be found. For ensuring that the plug is completely worn out, it needs to be tested first. A spark plug gauge is generally used for testing the spark plugs. Other areas for checking include plug cables as they indicate any cracks, splits and rust in the engine as well as any other damaged area of the engine.

Precautions must always be taken by the car owner or mechanic against risks of shock by wearing rubber gloves before starting the task. The mechanic must not lean against the vehicle while in a running condition. The functionality of the spark plugs can be tested by removing each plug from the car’s engine. A ratchet wrench can be used to remove the plugs. The user should turn the plugs in an anti- clockwise direction by using the ratchet wrench. This has to be done while the engine is still running. The owner of the vehicle will know that the plugs are still in good condition when the engine with start to slow down. If there is no reaction in the engine in any way when the plugs have been removed, then the plugs need to be immediately replaced.

The next step is to remove the wires of the spark plugs. This has to be done only when the engine has cooled down. The spark plugs can be tested if their ignition is working. It can be done by exposing the plug wire to a metal surface. If the plug emits a spark than this is an indication that the spark plug is in good condition. This procedure has to be repeated for every spark plug wire. It is necessary to clean the spark plugs regularly so their performance is not hindered. It can be further endured if the spark plugs work and another test can also be done on the same.