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Tips to Clean a Car Interior

# All trash and large items should be cleared from inside the car. The area under the seats should be cleaned and it should be checked for large objects before using vacuum cleaner. The ashtray should also be emptied.

# All the floor mats should be pulled out and shaken thoroughly.

# The seat covers should be removed if applicable. They should be washed according to the directions. If one does not have a manual for the seat covers, the store from where the car was purchased can be called and the car dealer can be asked for cleaning directions. Some seat covers can be washed in the washing machine but the directions should always be checked first because different materials require different kind of care.

# The seats, floor mats and floor should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

# Any stains on the floor mats should be cleaned using a carpet cleaner or a scrubbing brush.

# Any stains or spots present on the fabric seat cushions can be cleaned by using a stain remover or carpet cleaner.

# The car windows can be opened to let the air pass in for the seats and carpets to dry.

# The floor mats can be left to dry outside in the sun.

# The inside and outside of the windows can be cleaned by using window cleaner, paper towels or newspapers.

# The doors, dashboard and other vinyl areas should be cleaned with a clean rag or a vinyl protectant.

# Now when everything inside the cars has been cleaned, the floor mats and seat covers can be put back in the car after they dry.