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Tips to Repair a Car Dent

Repairing dents are a type of ‘do-it-yourself’ style repairs and there are a number of things needed for it.

Following things will be needed for removing and repairing dents:

1. Dent pulling tool or dent pulling kit, it can be either purchased or borrowed.

2. Dolly, it is a specially designed tool made for flattening and reshaping metal. It is also important to have a metalworking hammer.
Many kits include everything that is needed to remove and repair small dents easily and quickly. A number of dent repair kits should be purchased from the market. Suction cups and similar implements are used by many of these kits. It has an advantage of eradicating the need of drilling holes in the finishing process for removing a dent.

Once the required tools are bought, following are the steps needed to complete the dent repairs:

– The center of the dent should be located, than a hole in the dent should be drilled with a drill bit of 1/8″. Alternatively, a hot glue gun can also be used to glue a plastic adapter to the center of the dent. Many dent removal kits contain these plastic adapters and glue guns.

– The dent pulling tool should be threaded into the newly drilled hole. It can also be attached to the plastic circle that is glued on the dent. When the dent pulling tool will be in place, it has to be pulled to flatten the dent.

– By using the metalworking hammer, the front of the dent has to be carefully hammered. It has to be done at the same time while the dolly is held firmly against the back side of the dent. During the work, it may be necessary to go underneath the car or open the trunk the car in order to reach the back of the dent.

– The paint can be grinded down to the bare metal by using a medium grit disk that is mounted on a drill. The area can be extended out at least one inch around the dent itself. Then the entire area can be filled with good quality body filler.

– The body filler has to be allowed to dry completely, than the area can be carefully sanded with sandpaper which that has been wrapped around a block of wood. When sanding, 36-grit sandpaper can be used in the start and then it can be worked up to a 120-grit sandpaper.

– A spray primer has to be used to prime the area; one has to be sure to use a primer which is specially designed for automotive use. Six coats of primer should be used; each coat of primer should be allowed to dry completely before applying the next coat.

– The primer has to be sanded using by using 600-grit wet and dry sandpaper. This will be helpful in removing any scratches. After this, the area should be touched up with a matching automotive paint. In case of the paint is not smooth enough, the area would have to be sanded and painted again until a there is a smooth surface.